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Where are you from?

I was born in Orlando, FL and raised there. I now live in Israel and have been living here since August.

What do you do in the Israeli military?

I’m in the Israeli Air Force and I serve as an F-16 technician :)

Why did you decide to move and join the IDF?

I have always been a Zionist and have felt more of a connection to my Jewish culture than to anything else. So it wasn’t even really a question for me. Then, my first time to Israel, I instantly felt more at home and I was just addicted! I joined the IDF for several reasons: a) I knew that if I wanted to live here, I would need to join the military in order to fully assimilate and feel a part of society and b) I felt it was my duty to help defend my country.

Why did you join the military so late and what did you do before?

My parents wouldn’t let me move to Israel until I finished (or tried) college. I made it half way through and I came here to study abroad. My mom came to visit me and saw how happy I was here, so she told me to stay :)

Where in Israel do you live?

I promise you that you don’t know it. It’s called Kibbutz Hanita.

Do you speak Hebrew?

Yes. I speak Spanish, as well.

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